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3-way rotary valves

FIRŠT ROTOTEMP, are constant temperature controllers designed for operating 3-way rotary mixing valves with quick fit system (DN 15 - DN 32).

  • The FIRŠT ROTOTEMP controllers have defined direction of rotation (90° rotating angle). 
  • Actuators have LED temperature display and knob for adjusting desired temperature.
  • Actuators have DIP switches for setting different functions of the actuator.

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ROTOTEMP, for 3-way rotary valves

Code TYPE Voltage Rotation time Control signal Connection Max. torque [Nm] Weight [kg]
21146 ROTOTEMP 230 VAC 50 Hz 105s/90°
Cable 8
Supply voltage: 230 VAC 50Hz (with adapter),
24 VAC 50Hz (without adapter)
Rotation time: 105s/90°
Power consumption: 7,5 VA (operation), 0 VA (stand by)
Max.Torque: 8 Nm
Protection class: II
Enclosure rating: IP44 (Cable connection),
Connection: cable 1,7 m, 2 x 0,75 mm2/
Direction of rotation: defined 90° angle
Manual operation: knob on the actuator cover
Position indicator: mechanical, on the actuator cover
Media temperature: +2°C..+110°C
Ambient temperature: 0°C..+55°C
Storage temperature: -10°C..+70°C
Humidity: 0%..80% R.H. (non condensed)
Sensor type: KTY 81-210PVC
Temperature ranges: (0-100°C, 60-85°C, 20-70°C, 25-45°C)


ROTOTEMP is an constant temperature controller with VF sensor and adjustable temperature setting. It is designed for operating 3-way rotary mixing valves. FIRŠT ROTOTEMP controllers allow easy installation with quick fit system.

Actuators are available in 230V AC 50 Hz with adapter and are supplied with a 1.7m attached connection cable. Actuator can be manually operated with handle and button on the cover. Actuator can be optionally fixed to the valve with additional screw.

ROTOTEMP actuators are recommended for: maintaining a constant temperature in boiler heating circuit (protection against condensation), use in under floor heating applications, industrial processes, heat accumulators and in domestic hot water systems or swimming pools (individual systems, SPA, public swimming pools).

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