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EMV 110 602/1590 B

motorized ball valve with a battery support operation

FIRŠT actuators, series EMV 110 602/1590 B is used in system, where in case of power failure opens/closes ball valve. It can be used as safety element in various systems. Valves are available in (DN 20 - DN 32).

  • Manual ball valve opening/closing possibility.
  • Setting the position of the ball valve in case of power failure - open/closed.
  • Sound signaling possibility - additional connection of beeper.

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EMV 110 602/1590 B, for 2-way valves

CODE TYPE Voltage Rolation time Connection Max. torque [Nm]/b> Weight (kg)
10447 EMV 110 602/1590-3/B DN20 230 VAC,50 Hz 25s/90° Cable 8 0,81
10448 EMV 110 602/1590-4/B DN20 230 VAC,50 Hz 25s/90° Cable 8 0,97
10449 EMV 110 602/1590-5/B DN20 230 VAC,50 Hz 25s/90° Cable 8 1,24

FBV 602, valve with Internal threads

TYPE, DN H L Kvs Weight (kg)
FBV 602, DN20 152 57 41 1,10
FBV 602, DN25 163 68 68 1,30
FBV 602, DN32 173 81 123 1,50

Tecnical data: Actuator

Control: 2-Point control
Supply voltage: 230 VAC 50Hz / battery power supply 4xLR6-
1.5V/AA (alkaline Duracell MN1500 batteries)
Rotation time: 25s/90°
Max.Torque: 8 Nm
Protection class: I
Enclosure rating: IP55 (Cable connection),
Connections: cable 1.5 m, 3 x 0,75 mm2/
Direction of rotation: Defined
Manual operation: yes
Position indicator: on the valve holder
Ambient temperature: 0°C..+55°C
Storage temerature: -10°C..+70°C
Humidity: 0%..80% R.H. (non condensed)

Valve characteristics:

Connections: internal thread
Medium: water, nonaggressive fluid, air, glycol < 50%
Medium temperature: +5°C...110°C
Working pressure: max.16bar


Valve body:
brass CuZn40Pb2 Ni
Ball: brass CuZn40Pb2 Cr


When the Firšt EMV 110 602/1590 B actuator is pluged in a electrical voltage it goes automatically in home position - closed (default or factory setting). In case of power failure the actuator is using battery power to open the valve. The actuator also has an output, which can be used for acoustic signaling in case of power failure (beeper 4-7 VDC - uses battery power). However, this shortens battery life.

Installation examples

In case of power failure it opens the flow, which passes all control elements. The installation must be executed properly, that it allows water circulation in the system.


Protection of elemnts of the system:

In case of power failure it closes return line, thus prevents overheating of heat exchanger.


Working way of the valve


Features and options

  • Battery power supply - 4x LR6-1.5V/AA-(alkaline Duracell MN1500 batteries that are inserted in the actuator)
  • Long lifespan and operation reliability