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3-way diverting/changeover unit with Clip system

The S9000-DIV is an electric motor actuator designed for operating rotary diverting valves (FDV 231C, FDV 232C, FDV 233C). Actuators are controlled by 2-point signal (SPST) with built-in relay module. Unit can be manually operated.

Valves are available in DN 15 – DN 25, with internal or external thread or compression fittings and are rated PN10.

FIRŠT S9000-DIV actuators with FDV 231C,232C and 233C valves are designed for use in radiator, floor or remote heating systems and other small and medium sized heating or cooling systems.

Three types of connections are available: internal thread (FDV 231C), external thread (FDV232C) and compression fittings (FDV 233C).

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S9000-DIV 231C, internal threads

CODE TYPE DN Kvs Voltage Rolation time Control Connection A B C   Weight (kg)
14230 S9iNO-DIV 231C DN15 Rp ½" 15 3 230V~50Hz 12s/90° 2P Rp ½" 36 72 115   0,89
14231 S9iNO-DIV 231C DN20 Rp ¾" 20 7 230V~50Hz 12s/90° 2P Rp ¾" 36 72 115   0,96
14232 S9iNO-DIV 231C DN25 Rp 1" 25 11 230V~50Hz 12s/90° 2P Rp 1" 41 82 115   0,99

S9000-DIV 232C, external threads

CODE TYPE DN Kvs Voltage Rolation time Control Connection A B C   Weight (kg)
14238 S9iNO-DIV 232C DN15  G ¾" 15 3 230V~50Hz 12s/90° 2P G ¾" 36 72 115   0,87
14239 S9iNO-DIV 232C DN20 G 1" 20 7 230V~50Hz 12s/90° 2P G 1" 36 72 115   0,91
14240 S9iNO-DIV 232C DN25 G 1¼" 25 11 230V~50Hz 12s/90° 2P G 1¼" 41 82 115   1,06

S9000-DIV 233C, compression fittings

CODE TYPE DN Kvs Voltage Rolation time Control Connection A B C   Weight (kg)
14244 S9iNO-DIV 233C DN20 C22mm 20 7 230V~50Hz 12s/90° 2P CPF 22mm 36 72 115   0,95
14245 S9iNO-DIV 233C DN25 C28mm 25 11 230V~50Hz 12s/90° 2P CPF 28mm 41 82 115   1,08
* Units are available on special request.


Pressure class: PN 10
Medium: water, glycol < 50%
water quality as per VDI 2035
Media temperature: min. +2°C, max. +110°C
Leakage (Δ p=1 bar): max. 0,2% Kvs
Max. diff. pressure: 1 bar
Connections: Rp internal thread (EN 10226-1)
G external thread (ISO 228-1)
compression fittings (EN 1254-2)


Valve body: Brass, CW617N
Shaft and rotor: Brass, CW617N
Bushing: PTFE


Control: 2-point SPST
Supply voltage: 230V~50Hz
Rotation time: 12s/90°
Power consumption: 9 VA (operation), 5 VA (stand by relay on), 0 VA (stand by relay off)
Max.Torque: 5 Nm
Protection class: II
Enclosure rating: IP44
Connection cable: 1 m, 3 x 0,75 mm2
Direction of rotation: undefined CW/CCW (90°/ 360°)
Manual control: with handle and button on the cover
Position indicator: mechanical, handle on the cover
Ambient temperature:   0°C..+55°C
Storage temperature: -10°C..+70°C
Humidity: RH 0%..80% non condensed

PED 97/ 23/ EC art 3.3


Actuator can be rotated on the valve body to fit different installation layouts.


Electrical connection:


Installation examples:


Features and options

■ Auxiliary switch: one potential free auxiliary switch in the end position of the actuator is available as an option.
■ Molex connector: optional Molex connector (IP40) and optional specially sealed Molex cable (IP44).
■ Supply voltage: 230 VAC, 50 Hz, 24 VAC, 50 Hz.
■ Manual control handle: with or without manual control handle.
■ Solar/cooling adapter: Heat barrier for protection of the actuator in solar or cooling systems.