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3-way rotary valves

FIRŠT actuators EMV 110, series ROTODIVERT-M, are 2-point control actuators designed for operating 3-way rotary diverting valves with quick fit system (DN 15 - DN 32).

  • The FIRŠT ROTODIVERT-M actuators have not defined (ND) direction of rotation (CW,CCW).
  • Actuators are available with cable connection and manual control handle.
  • Recommended for diverting applications.

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ROTODIVERT-M, for 3-way rotary diverting valves (90° rotation)

Code TYPE Voltage Rotation time Control signal Connection Max. torque [Nm] Weight [kg]
10394 EMV110..4380 Rotodivert-M 230 VAC 50 Hz 18s/90° 2-point SPST Molex 5 0,33
10408 EMV110..4383 Rotodivert-M 24 VAC 50 Hz 18s/90° 2-point SPST Cable 5 0,48
Control: 2-point SPST
Supply voltage: 230 VAC 50Hz / 24 VAC 50Hz
Rotation time: 18s/90°
Power consumption: 9 VA (operation), 5 VA (stand by relay on),
0 VA (stand by relay off)
Max.Torque: 8 Nm
Protection class: II
Enclosure rating: IP44 (Cable connection),
Connection: cable 1 m, 4 x 0,5 mm2/
Direction of rotation: ND CW/CCW (90°/360°)
Manual operation: handle and the push button
Position indicator: mechanical, on the actuator cover
Media temperature: +2°C..+110°C
Ambient temperature: 0°C..+55°C
Storage temperature: -10°C..+70°C
Humidity: 0%..80% R.H. (non condensed)


ROTODIVERT-M is an electric motor actuator designed for operating rotary diverting valves. Actuators are controlled by 2-point signal (SPST) with builtin relay module. FIRŠT ROTODIVERT-M actuators allow high regulating accuracy and easy installation with quick fit system.

Actuators are available in 230V AC 50 Hz and 24V AC 50Hz and are supplied with a 1m attached connection cable. Actuator can be manually operated with handle and button on the cover. Actuator can be optionally fixed to the valve with additional screw.

Actuators ROTODIVERT-M (18s/90°) are recommended for diverting applications with FDV 230 rotary valves from DN15 to DN32. Anti blocking function provides that in case of blockade the motor changes its direction. Because of that feature, the motor is able to save itself from stopping.

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