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Products - ACTUATORS For rotary mixers, reversible and ball valves


for 3-way rotary diverting valves

FIRŠT actuators, series UNI, are 2-point actuators designed for operating 3-way rotary diverting valves (DN 15 - DN 40).

  • The FIRŠT UNI D2P actuators have not defined (ND) direction of rotation (90° rotating angle).
  • Actuators are available with cable connection and are recommended for diverting applications .

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UNI 2P ND, for 2-way and 3-way valves

Code TYPE Voltage Rotation time Control signal Connection Max. torque [Nm] Weight [kg]
12505 UNI D2P 10160 230 VAC 50 Hz 16s/90° 2-point SPST Cable 7 0,48
12510 UNI D2P 10163 24 VAC 50 Hz 16s/90° 2-point SPST Cable 7
Control: 2-point SPST
Supply voltage: 230 VAC 50Hz / 24 VAC 50Hz
Rotation time: 16s/90°
Power consumption: 9 VA (operation), 5 VA (stand by relay on),
0 VA (stand by relay off)
Max.Torque: 7 Nm
Protection class: II
Enclosure rating: IP44
Connection: cable 1 m, 4 x 0,5 mm2
Direction of rotation: ND CW/CCW (90°/360°)
Manual operation: with handle and button on the cover
Position indicator: handle with position indicator
Media temperature: +2°C..+110°C (With optional SCA adaptor -15°C to +125°C, briefly up to +150°C)
Ambient temperature: 0°C..+55°C
Storage temperature: -10°C..+70°C
Humidity: 0%..80% R.H. (non condensed)


UNI D2P is an electric motor actuator designed for operating 3-way rotary diverting valves. Actuators are controlled by 2-point SPST signal built-in relay module. FIRŠT UNI D2P actuators allow high regulating accuracy and easy installation with different mounting systems.

Actuators are available in 230 VAC or 24 V AC 50 Hz and are supplied with a 1m attached connection cable. Actuator can be manually operated with button on the cover.

Actuators UNI D2P (16s/90°) are recommended for diverting applications with FDV 230 valves, FDV 230C valves from (DN15 - DN32) and FDV G231 (DN20 - DN40).

Anti blocking function provides that in case of blockade the motor changes its direction. Because of that feature, the motor is able to save itself from stopping.

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